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Our Mission

To inspire, empower and enable individuals to show love to other people in their community.


Everyone needs to be loved and, more importantly, to feel loved. We all deserve to be respected and valued. And in an ideal world, a person’s first experience of that should be within the micro-community known as ‘family’.

That’s great and all but we don’t live in an ideal world. It doesn’t always work like it ‘should’.

Young people feel threatened and self-conscious. Parents get stressed out (or copy poor models from their own parents) leaving their children feeling like they don’t the time and love they need from mum and dad. Older people feel alone, lonely and vulnerable. They remember the ‘good old days’ but find it so hard to smile any more. People are living in poverty or, despite working hard, find themselves struggling to just make ends meet. Money is a massive motivator of stress and arguments for couples. Think of the strain that puts on the whole family.

We all need love and empathy and kindness.

Here at Give A Brick we believe that charity doesn’t have to cost the earth. We don’t believe in spending 50% of your money on attracting new donors. That’s a waste of our time and your money! There has to be a better model.

Introducing Give A Brick

We’re charity for people, by people. The charity that’s asking you to Give in whatever way you can.

No paid staff, no boring long winded application forms, no dull stuff.

Just you and me doing what we can to make life better for other people around us.


  • Web 2.0 – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogging
  • Building a virtual online community of supporters, all helping to GIVE in whatever way they can.

Write about us, talk about us, interview us, donate money to us, talk to us, help us. Give A Brick needs you!

Now what?

Are you ready to invest in your community? Awesome! (And thank you :)) Choose how you can give …



  • Organise sponsored events in your local, offline community for us.
  • Sell stuff on Ebay for us (we’re registered with Mission Fish so you’ll save on your listing fees.)
  • Organise stamp and printer cartridge collection in your local area for us.
  • Have a dinner party for us.